Finding out if you have symptoms of HD

Examples of Support

Diagnostic testing

Neurological Assessment

Emotional support and counselling

Accurate information about HD

Post-test follow up and referral on to other support services

Process and timescale for testing

Integrated Multi Agency Arrangements, Referral Pathways and Resources

Open referral to HD Specialists or Specialist Youth Advisors

All clients should be provided with a referral pack appropriate to their needs, including a service leaflet detailing available specialist support

All clients with a new diagnosis of HD should be directed to the HD Road Map

G.P. information services, such as SCI Gateway/TRAKCare, should clearly identify HD Specialists as main point of contact for information and advice about HD.

There are clear links with social work to provide assessment and care management


A summary letter should be provided to GP and client within one month of completion of assessment

Every client should have a named HD Specialist

Referral to individual service standards


People living with HD and their families are provided with timely and accurate information about their condition and the choices, services and support available to them.

National Care Framework for Huntington's Disease