Getting financial help when you need it

Examples of Support

Income maximisation

Financial planning

Debt management

Legal status ( power of attorney, guardianship )


Housing ( benefit, tenancy agreement, Council Tax discounts, mortgages, managing bills )


Pensions ( state/ private/ pensions credit )

Income of other family members





Planning for long terms care

Welfare grants

Key Services and People

HD Clinic ( Financial Wellbeing Officer in conjunction with HD Specialists )

Scottish Huntington’s Association Financial Wellbeing Service . Alternative services are provided by Citizens AdviceMacmillanMoney Advice Trust , Money Matters ( South Lanarkshire ) & Your Money ( North Lanarkshire )

HD Support Groups

Social Work  ( North LanarkshireSouth Lanarkshire )

Local authority employability service ( North Lanarkshire , South Lanarkshire )

Community Care Grants ( North Lanarkshire , South Lanarkshire )

Integrated Multi Agency Arrangements, Referral Pathways and Resources

All clients identified as needing money advice should be offered a referral to the Scottish Huntington’s Association Financial Wellbeing Service or alternative comparable service who will undertake a financial health check covering income maximisation, debt management, future planning, and access to financial products.


All enquiries to Scottish Huntington’s Association Financial Wellbeing Service should have an initial response within 4 weeks

All information and advice will meet the Scottish Information and Advice Standards


People living with HD and their families are well connected to money advice, have their income maximised, are supported to plan for their financial future thereby minimising financial stress.

National Care Framework for Huntington's Disease