Getting support out of hours

Examples of Support

Support to deal with emergency situations

Emergency admission to care

Accessing emotional support

Signposting to correct services

Key Services and People

NHS 24 ( call 111 )

Police ( 101 )

Social work out of hours ( North Lanarkshire , South Lanarkshire )

Out of hours mental health service via A&E. Crisis service for adults already known to Psychiatry also available if referred by primary care.

Third Sector helplines ( Samaritans , Breathing Space, Turning Point Scotland , Childline , NSPCC )

GPs  [ re Key Information Summary ( KIS  ) ]

Community Alarm Systems/ Mobile Emergency Care Service ( North Lanarkshire , South Lanarkshire )

Emergency Services ( call 999 )

Integrated Multi Agency Arrangements, Referral Pathways and Resources

With consent of client a GP should complete a Key Information Summary ( KIS ) entry to ensure that clinical information and care plans can be shared electronically with A&E, NHS24 and Scottish Ambulance Service

There are developing technologies – such as Clinical Portal and TrakCare –  to allow the sharing of appropriate information as required.

The Care Framework is available to all services providing out of hours support.

Requests for out of hours support are immediately notified to the core specialist team via client management system.

Out of hours clinical staff should ensure there is an anticipatory care plan and/or mental health advance statement, and clear plans are in place to ensure this can be accessed.


Service standards for NHS 24 and Social Work Direct


People living with HD and their families can easily access urgent, out of hours, support.

National Care Framework for Huntington's Disease