Support if you are a caregiver and getting a break from caring

Examples of Support

Carers rights

Carers assessment

Carers training

Young carers

Employment issues


Welfare rights


Planning ahead

Power of Attorney

Respite (including for carers)

Wills & testaments

Keeping healthy

Condition specific information


Emotional support & reducing isolation

Financial planning

Support for mental health & wellbeing

Anticipatory Care Planning

Key Services and People
Integrated Multi Agency Arrangements, Referral Pathways and Resources

HD Specialists or Specialist Youth Advisor will undertake assessment of need, referring to Social Work ( Highland , Argyll & Bute ) for a statutory assessment when appropriate and signposting carers to the network of services within each local authority.


Support should be consistent with the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

HSCPs should ensure that training & education is available to carers


Carers and their families are well connected  to support services and feel adequately supported throughout their experience

National Care Framework for Huntington's Disease